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Prepare Your Car For The Summer

Now that the weather has started to warm up it’s the perfect time to prepare your car for the summer. With simple changes and repairs your car will make the perfect drive each time. We have put together some key points to remember when you take your car out this summer.

Park Your Car In the Right Place

Parking your car in a shaded spot is the first step in a comfortable drive. When a car is left in direct sunlight it can get very hot inside and can make the start of any drive uncomfortable because of what feels like a lack of air. With it not being secure to leave your windows open, it is a great ideal to find a shaded spot to park.

Don’t Forget Visors And Shades

Visors and shades are ideal to keep you and your passengers cool whilst you drive. Especially when children are in the car. Place shades on the rear passenger windows to protect them from the sun and overheating, remember younger children can’t always communicate discomfort.

What Is Your Seating Made From

With leather and faux leather seats a common feature in vehicles, they tend to hold heat and can feel hot when exposed to sunlight. Have a covering such as a blanket to put down on the seat, to make it more comfortable when you first get in your car.

Car Air Conditioning Newton Abbot

This seems like an obvious one, but most people forget to check their air conditioning as the weather starts to warm. Air conditioning is the ideal way to have a comfortable journey, so keeping it well maintained is important. If you have noticed that your air conditioning is not working to its best or not at all, contact your local car repair centre.

Car Repairs Near Me

Here at Monnington Motors we have a skilled car repairs team in Newton Abbot and surrounding areas. Experts in air conditioning repairs and every other repair your car should need. We are a well-established, local company, made up of a team of professional mechanics and technicians.

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