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Knowing When brakes Need Replacing

Knowing when brakes need replacing is a key part of vehicle maintenance. They may be the starting vibrations of you brakes wearing or you may notice reduced brake performance. Either way it is time to take your car to a car servicing professional, like Monnington Motors.

Vibrating Brakes

Your car will start to vibrate, and this can have an effect on you being able to both drive and operate the brakes correctly. Getting any vibration checked will combat the chances of your brake disc grinding against other parts and creating a serious issue.

Poor Brake Response

Although not directly related to brake pads and discs, you definitely need your system checked if responsiveness becomes delayed. When it takes more effort than usual to stop your car, it’s time for an inspection. This issue, often caused by leaky fluid, could be the tip of other concerns beneath the surface. Similarly, if you experience your car leaning to one side when braking, you might need the brake fluid checked. Although, more subtle, if you notice in imbalance, it generally means your brake components are worn and need replacing.

Leave Repairs To The Professionals

Most of the above issues can be prevented with regular car servicing and maintenance. Although some jobs may seem simple enough, having your vehicle checked by a professional is always the best option. Here at Monnington Motors, our skilled team members are trained to service your car to the highest standards and ensure your drive is as safe as possible.

Brake Repairs Newton Abbot

If you are brake repairs in Newton Abbot, visit our local garage. Our team of mechanics can service, repair, and replace braking systems for all makes and model of cars and vans. Ensuring your brakes are working properly is key to ensuring the safety of your vehicle, so, do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect any issues with your brakes.

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