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Debunking Car Servicing Common Myths

A vital reason why you should take your faulty or badly performing car to a reliable local garage instead of trying a DIY fix is that a majority of are repairs are quite complicated and take time and expensive equipment. Every car is a complex machine comprising of numerous connections and moving parts. Car manufacturers use different systems to manufacture a perfect vehicle and keeps on upgrading them. Since you do not have much knowledge about the modern engineering functions of your car but require each one of them to reach your destination on a regular basis, taking the aid of professional garage services often becomes necessary. But before you start looking for someone reliable and local, dismissing the common myths about vehicle repairs and servicing is advisable.

Cars Do Not Need Regular Maintenance

Since a car is made up of many small and complicated parts, contacting a reliable garage mechanic for vehicle repairs and car servicing is a must. Not only will they ensure that the tyre is properly inflated and aligned but also check every small part of your car which can have an impact on its performance. The interior of the engine will also need to be serviced to prevent any substantial damages to your car and engine.

Cheap Car Parts Will Damage Your Engine

Though every garage mechanic will advise you not to use cheap auto parts, there has not been any practical justification that they can damage your car’s engine. If you are using an expensive car, there are very high chances that high-end parts have been used by the manufacturer in the first place. You can ensure the optimal performance of these car parts only when high-quality oils are used instead of the cheaper varieties available.

Automatics Are Less Efficient Than Manuals

Though this was true until a few years back when the components of your car were not well-designed and inefficient, automatic gearboxes are a lot more sophisticated nowadays. The vehicles have also become more efficient and according to a survey conducted recently, the fuel efficiency of a car with an automatic transmission is better than that with a manual. When the engine power and fuel become more efficient, the acceleration becomes faster and productivity improves.

Oil Should Be Changed Every 3000 Miles

Gone are the days when changing the oil in your car after every 3000 miles was a must. Debunk this myth right now and have a look at the owner’s manual. Most of the manufacturers suggest car owners to change the oil after their car have run 5000 miles or even more, there are even a few circumstances when the oil can be changed after your car has run for 7500 miles or more. This is primarily because the design of the engines has become better and the oil has improved chemical composition.

Car Servicing Newton Abbot

If you are looking for car servicing Newton Abbot, you have come to the right place. With over 35 years’ experience in servicing vehicles, we are the preferred local garage for vehicle servicing for customers all over Newton Abbot, Torquay and Torbay. We specialise in car servicing for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Mercedes cars; however, our mechanics are qualified to work on all makes and model of vehicle.
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