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Common Air Conditioning Issues

Common Air Conditioning Issues

If your car’s air conditioning gives up on a hot summer day, your commute to work and to run errands is going to be horrible. There is nothing quite like being stuck in a hot car in the middle of a traffic jam. If your air conditioning is not blowing cold air, there are a few things that could be wrong with it.

Air Conditioning Recharging

The most common cause of an air conditioner not getting cold is that it needs to be recharged. You can recharge your refrigerant by yourself, but if you are not happy doing it, talk to a mechanic or mention it when your service your car.

What Is Freon?

Freon is the chemical that cools the air in your air con, so if there is a leak in the system, it will eventually run low or run out. Todays A/C systems are very sensitive. They require a quite specific amount of Freon, measured in pounds, to operate correctly. The proper way to check the system for the correct volume of Freon is with a charging machine. This handy gadget will first remove all the gas form the system then input the correct amount for proper operation. Freon leaks may be very, very slow. If you add more Freon and lose your cold air within a few weeks, however, you may need to have the hoses and other system components checked and replaced.

The Air Conditioning Compressor May Not Engage

This problem can occur due to a variety of conditions. Failure can occur when there is an electrical fault in your compressor’s circuit or clutch, Freon can be low, or the vehicle can be overheating. Today’s cars are computer controlled and one of the first systems that is turned off when the computer senses an engine problem is the A/C system. Usually, the malfunctioning part must be replaced by a qualified car mechanic.

What Is A Blend Air Door

There is a small hatch inside your car’s ventilation system called the “blend air door”. When you turn your environmental system from heat to cold, the door should change to drawing in cold air. If it does not change, it will still be drawing heat from the engine and blowing it on you!

You Can Feel Cold Air, But It Is Not Blowing

This could mean the A/C’s fan has stopped working totally. It may be as simple as changing a wire, or you may need a new fan unit. Again, this is not something you can really do yourself, especially since it may require taking apart your car’s dashboard to reach all of the components.

Other Air Con Issues

Your A/C system is very complicated, and while there are some easy fixes like adding Freon, there are also more difficult issues that only a trained and certified mechanic can fix. In a few cases, the problem is indicative of more severe issues, but usually repairing the A/C is a simple job, even when a mechanic has to handle it.

Air Conditioning Newton Abbot

At Monnington Motors, all sorts of car air conditioning recharging works are carried out for drivers in and around Newton Abbot/Torbay. Along with re-gassing, repair work and cleaning is conducted to ensure the long life of the system being worked on. During a service leaks can be detected and dealt with, thereby diminishing the amount of recharged gas which is subsequently lost. Why not call in today to find out more?
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