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Nearly all modern cars sold in the UK have an air con system installed these days. At Monnington Motors, a full range of air conditioning services and repair work is undertaken for these systems. We would recommend having a car’s air conditioning system serviced with gas and lubricant at least every two years in order to make sure that it runs efficiently and that components don’t wear out, leaving car owners with a potentially more costly repair bill down the line. Many car owners in the Newton Abbey/Torbay area feel the benefits of their vehicle’s air con system on a hot summer’s day but it really needs to be inspected prior to the warmer months so that it is ready to be used when needed. Just like other parts of a car, the air conditioning system requires regular attention from trained professionals to make sure that it continues to function efficiently and effectively.

Can fix all air conditioning issues

With almost three and a half decades worth of experience, the personnel at Monnington Motors are able to deal with all of the problems that arise with vehicle air con. An independent garage, all makes and models of vehicle can be looked at. Indeed, if any parts need to be replaced, then these are often available at great rates. Fitted by fully trained technicians, prices for both parts and labour are highly competitive.

10% is lost each year

Many drivers are simply not aware that in excess of 10 per cent of an air conditioning system’s gas escapes from their vehicle each year. This means that very few unserviced air conditioning systems continue to work as well as they did when they were installed. It is for this reason that most car makers recommend that the system they have installed is recharged with both gas and lubricant in twenty four month cycles. It is worth bearing in mind, that this maintenance regime is not part of a routine vehicle servicing programme. Therefore, if a vehicle has been on the road for longer than two years, then it is highly likely that an air-con recharge will be necessary.

Re-gassing and repair of A/C

At Monnington Motors, all sorts of car air conditioning recharging works are carried out for drivers in and around Newton Abbey/Torbay. Along with re-gassing, repair work and cleaning is conducted to ensure the long life of the system being worked on. During a service leaks can be detected and dealt with, thereby diminishing the amount of recharged gas which is subsequently lost. Why not call in today to find out more?

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