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If you are looking for garage services in Newton Abbot, then you have come to the right place. Monnington Motors are your local Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Seat and Skoda specialists. We provide traditional car care services, general maintenance, specialist vehicle or car diagnostics and manufacturer-specific servicing. So, from punctured tyres and vehicle repairs to MOT tests and clutch replacements, we can help to ensure your vehicle is running as good as new. Our team consists of highly experienced mechanics and technicians so any make or model, of any age, will be in great hands.

VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Seat & Skoda Specialists

Local Garage Services

With three decades of industry experience, our local garage services continue to provide customers in Newton Abbot and Torbay with reassurance and confidence. From humble beginnings, Monnington Motors has grown and evolved into the comprehensive service provider it is today. As such, we can provide:

Vehicle Repairs

Whether you need urgent and unexpected vehicle repairs or some general maintenance for wear-and-tear, we have you covered. Vehicle components deteriorate with time and use, and car repairs are an unavoidable part of vehicle ownership. We can’t always stop your car from breaking, but we can repair your vehicle for you, quickly and affordably. Moreover, by keeping your car serviced regularly, you can help to prevent additional repairs from being needed in the future.

Scheduled Vehicle Services

Monnington Motors can carry out scheduled vehicle services on all makes and models of vehicles. This will include a detailed inspection of your car, as well as fluid changes and filter changes where applicable. The frequency and comprehensiveness of the service will depend on the age and mileage of the car and manufacturer recommendations. Rest assured, we will never charge you for parts, services or guarantees that are not required. Your annual service can also help to prepare your vehicle for its MOT.

Tyre Fitting

The tyres on your car put up with a lot of abuse. When you consider the miles they cover, often on a daily basis, it is no wonder tyres become worn. Fortunately, we stock a full range of economy and premium grade tyres from a variety of brands, including Firestone and Pirelli among others. So, if you have suffered a puncture, you have warped or bulging tyres or, simply, the treads are now low, you can come to us. When carried out by our professional mechanics tyre fitting is affordable and quick, so you can relax in our waiting area while we work. Why wait? Book your vehicle in for new tyres today and feel the difference in performance straight away. 

Car Diagnostics

Car diagnostics are used to identify engine management and electronic issues within your vehicle. We quite literally ‘plug in’ to the cars ECU system which tells us the location of the fault, by way of an error code. Diagnostics will be needed if your car is misfiring or malfunctioning and the reason why is unknown. Commonly, issues will become evident and an amber or red warning light will display on your dashboard. These lights tell us roughly where the problem is, but not the cause, which is where diagnostics can help. However, it is not always that obvious, therefore we recommend an annual diagnostic check to keep ahead of any developing faults that don’t trigger the warning lights.

MOT Centre

We are an approved MOT test centre in Newton Abbot, so all pre-test inspections, repairs and the MOT test itself will be carried out here on site. We get to care for your car from beginning to end, and you get the reassurance of knowing your pride and joy won’t leave our reliable hands. MOTs are a legal requirement for cars over 3 years of age, so don’t delay, book in today.


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Garage Services Near Me

Where can I find reliability and affordability from garage services near me? Why at Monnington Motors of course! So, if you would like further information on any of our garage services in Newton Abbot, or to book your vehicle in with us, then give us a call on 01626 363630. We look forward to hearing from you soon!